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we can’t wait to meet you!

We know that visiting a new church for the first time can be intimidating! That's why we work to do everything we can to make sure your first visit is a great one.


how to enjoy your first visit

  1. PARK in a specially reserved spot for first time guests.

  2. RELAX Wear what you want! Make yourself at home! Grab some coffee and a donut. Feel free to participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable.

  3. DROP OFF THE KIDS We provide fun, safe, exciting, age-appropriate experiences for your children (infant through 5th grade).
    CLICK HERE for more info on junior and senior high services.

  4. PICK UP A FREE GIFT Please visit the Connect Booth to receive a complementary gift bag. Drop off your completed Connect Card there too.



Sundays at 9:45 and 11:15AM

Located in the Fulshear Business Park
29255 FM 1093
Fulshear, TX 77441

Rise Jr. High Services at 9:45AM on Sundays

One Youth (6-12th grade) at 7:00PM on Wednesdays




We don’t pretend to have all the answers. And even if we did, there’s not enough room to print them here! So instead, we’ve put together a few common questions that we think you’ll appreciate the answers to. Enjoy!

Q: What denomination are you?
Labels tend to divide. So we’re just a group of Christ-followers committed to being the kind of living, breathing community described in the New Testament. As a non-denominational church, we’re free to use innovative ways to reach people. Incidentally, we love to work with other churches, regardless of what they call themselves.

Q: What does a typical service look like?
Great live music, free coffee and donuts and a talk that is helpful and makes sense. And to answer every man’s biggest concern, we’re done in 65 minutes or less!

Q: What should I wear?
Wear anything... but please wear something!

Q: Do I have to give money when I show up?
Nope! Every service we give our regular attendees an opportunity to give in the offering, but it is not required. You’re welcome to come and check us out as long as you want before you think about giving.

Q: What about membership?
Joining Thrive is not like a health club or Costco. And it’s not an exclusive clique. We offer Partnership. Partnership is our way of declaring, “I’m in love with Jesus, I’m fully on board with Thrive and I’m ready to get off the bench.” For info, click here. Meanwhile, don’t wait to get involved in a small group or ministry team.



Let Us Know You're Coming

Thinking of visiting Thrive sometime soon? Just fill out the form and let us know when you're planning to visit and we will have a volunteer ready to meet you, introduce you to some of our people and show you around.


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