tell me about groups

Groups are gatherings of roughly 6-15 people who meet together on a regular basis. They are drawn together by common interests, a specific topic or activity or a particular demographic. In a typical Group you’ll meet people who live near you, are in the same stage of life as you or have similar interests.

Whether you are reading through a Bible Study together, discussing and wrestling through the weekly talks, serving in some sort of mission project or sharing a common interest, our Groups are places where community is built and lives are changed.


What types of groups does Thrive offer?

We offer a variety of Group types. Below is a (not-so-exhaustive) list that will hopefully satisfy your palette.

Connecting Groups: Connecting Groups are focused on an activity to connect people to each other and TC. A Connecting Group mostly draws in TC newbies but often it attracts those who are regulars from TC who want to either make new friends or experience a new activity.

Life Groups: Life Groups welcome all who have a desire to grow and share their spiritual journey. These Groups most often focus on a specific curriculum. Examples are: discussing the Thrive weekly message, studying a book of the Bible, studying a book/DVD series that focuses on a specific topic.

Serving Groups: Serving Groups are designed to bring people together who have a desire to DO GOOD and serve others with practical tasks.

Crash Course: One-time or short-term classes geared toward popular topics such as theology, marriage, parenting, or finances.

When and HOW can I sign up?

Our Groups season launches 3x a year (March, June and October). In the weeks prior to our Groups launch, we will provide you with a link to the current season's catalog. We typically release both a print and online catalog to make it easy for you to choose a Group and sign up!

What are the expectations of a group leader?

Since leaders need to be just one step ahead of others, we ask that anyone in a Group leadership role commits to growing spiritually and completing our Growth Track. You can learn about them by CLICKING HERE.

Any questions...please contact info@thrivechurch.cc